Link Roundup

Lots have been happening in the residential real estate world. To keep you in the loop, we've garnered a link roundup of our favorite industry reads! 

Photo Credit: Samsung

Photo Credit: Samsung

1. TV or art? You tell us! Samsung has released a new television that will fit into any home's aesthetic. 

2. Speaking of tech, have you checked out Apple's newest campus yet? Booking a flight to Cupertino in 3...2...1...

3. Hurricane Harvey has impacted many within our community. We are so proud of our city and all of the money they have raised. Check out this list of ways you can give back to Harvey victims through our local businesses. #HoustonStrong! 

4. What would you do without A/C? Read this article to find out how people survived back in the day before it was invented. (Yes, even in the Houston heat!)

5. The White House might be the most well-known home in the country. But did you know that there have been dozens of renovations? Learn more on Architectural Digest!