Tips for Buying a House in the Summer

With the summer market surge approaching, Ricardo advises that this season is the peak time in the industry to buy a house. He advises clients to go over their home needs and wants when meeting with their realtor beforehand that way they can start looking earlier and beat the rush of homebuyers that come with school being let out.


  • Sit down with a trusted agent and be sure to write down your wants vs. needs with them. This way you will spend more time viewing only the necessary homes and not miss out on the perfect home when it hits the market - the best homes tend to sell quicker! 
  • If you are in a lease agreement, take the time to talk to your landlord and propose an exit strategy that benefits both parties. There are times when a landlord will allow you to exit out of your lease if you allow the landlord to list the home for sale/lease much sooner. 
  • Be flexible with your closing date with the seller. Often times a seller wants a buyer to give them more time to move and in exchange, you can obtain more favorable terms for your purchase by giving this concession to the seller.